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Quarz Carving Cuckoo Clock, Music, 9 inch
Quarz Carving Cuckoo Clock, Music, 9 inch
Quarz Carving Cuckoo Clock, Music, 9 inch
Item: 8481028
Quarz Carving Cuckoo Clock, Music, 9 inch
Quarz Cuckoo Clocks

Quartz Cuckoo Clock Carving Clock, 5-Leaves, Music 9.05 inches

Cuckoo Clock with quartz movement (battery operated).
These quartz movement cuckoo clocks combine the traditional wooden cuckoo clock with a battery-operated quartz movement. The clock doesn't have to be re-wound every day or every week. The cones / weights on these clocks are only decoration; the pendulum swings with the ticking of the clock.
The cuckoo call is connected to the time and the clock automatically goes silent in the evening hours. In the morning, the call is reactived and the clock calls again.
At the full hour the cuckoo calls, the cuckoo door opens and the bird comes out, flapping his wings. The cuckoo calls the time / number of hours.
This clock also has a music function, after the cuckoo call the clock plays a tune. This clock has a music movement which plays 2 different tunes alternatingly; Edelweis and The Happy Wanderer.

The clock and carving are made of wood.
This clock has a wooden dial (all wood), wooden clock hands, the weights are plastic.
Size: 9.05 inches tall, 6.5 inches wide, 5.9 inches deep.
Quartz movement.
Batteries are not included!
2 years warranty.
made by the Hettich Clock Factory, Black Forest.
Made in Germany.

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