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Cuckoo Clock of the Year 2004 - Gutshof
Cuckoo Clock of the Year 2004 - Gutshof
Cuckoo Clock of the Year 2004 - Gutshof
Cuckoo Clock of the Year 2004 - Gutshof
Cuckoo Clock of the Year 2004 - Gutshof
Cuckoo Clock of the Year 2004 - Gutshof
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Cuckoo Clock of the Year 2004 - Gutshof
Clock of the Year - Award

Cuckoo Clock 8-Day Music Dancer VdS-Winner Clock of the Year 2004 22.8 inches

August Schwer Cuckoo Clock
This is the official Clock of the Year 2004, certified by the Association of Black Forest Clock (VdS).
Cuckoo Clock with 8-day movement / running time (mechanical), with music and dancers, completely moving oompah / brass band with 4 musicians turing left and right, farmer's wife ringing the bell, bell tower with swinging fire bell.
Each year, the visitors of the Black Forest Museum (Vogtsbauernhöfe in Gutach) choose the most beautiful clock of the year. The Clock of the Year award is organized by the Association of the Black Forest clock on an annual basis. All cuckoo clock manufacturers of the Black Forest enter a clock into the competition. The visitors vote for the clock of the year. This is the winner 2004!
This very large clock presents every detail, which stands for the uniqueness of a Black Forest Farm house. The clock house itself represents the specific building techniques of the Black Forest. A typical shingle roof, partial open stonework building at the base.
Black Forest farm steads are often isolated buildings spread thin over the hilly countryside. A characteristic of such a farm house is the bell tower with the fire bell on the roof. In the case of an emergency, help could be called with these bells. All these details, at first glance beautiful adornments, have vital functions for a Black Forest farm house.
The central element of the decoration is the oompah band to the right of the clock. All four of the musicians move as soon as the clock strikes and the music starts to play. Each of them turns right and left with the music.
Another moving element of the clock is the farmer's wife in Black Forest (Gutach Valley) costume, ringing the bell. She lifts her right arm and pulls on the rope. At the same time, the bell in the bell tower swings and chimes.
All figurines and decorative elements are made of wood and are hand-painted.
The dancing figurines are high quality children figurines, each one a different figurine.
All parts made of wood, wooden dial, hands, cuckoo, pendulum.
August Schwer exclusive life-like cuckoo!
High quality Swiss music box (Reuge), 2 melodies: Edelweiss and Happy Wanderer
size: 22.8 in tall (16.9 without tower), 18.5 in wide, 10.6 in deep; 3 x 1260gr weights,
color: walnut
High quality Regula 8-day movement
night shut-off
Premium Model: 5 years warranty, real cuckoo door hinge, antique-style chains, wooden know on night shut-off.
VdS certified
This clock is an absolute masterpiece! The size and fascination with detail is very rare, this is a collector s piece and highlight in any house for years.
Made by August Schwer Black Forest Clock Factory, Schoenwald, Black Forest.
handmade, made in Germany.

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Look at the pictures of the award ceremony as pdf-file. Simply click this link - it might take some moments to download, the file is fairly large.

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